Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Project 1---Parti

Load bearing walls and columns have been expressed though axonomatric diagram. I think it shows more clearly than section.

The enclosure shows the relationship between inside and outside. The particular features: the slope site and the opening plan of this building can be distinguished.

Most interestingly, this villa has a lot of entries for many different purposes such as main entry to the living room, north entry to the kichen, west entry to the outdoor terrace. The multiple entrances create different ways of entering and experiencing the house. Each entry is the starting point for a unique pathway around the house. Moreover,The furniture and settings such as bed, sofa and etc also effect the circulation.

For vertical circulation, the spiral staircase is the main connection, combining servant room, studio, guest room on ground floor and living room, master room, kichen on upper floor together.

I analyse this building by myself. Firstly, I use grid and L-shape to analyse geometry of this building. But it is not very appropraited. Then I tried to use the golden ratio (1:1.618). It is perfectly suited to this building, both plan and section.

More information about Golden Section:

Public and private spaces are distinguished. The private areas are lifted up. Through axonometric drawing, the volumes of different function areas can be perceived.

Project 1---Poche

This Poche drawing shows site surface and textual obviously which is a rocky slope. And rendering indicates my understanding of solids and voids. Changing light conditions influenced by openings has been showed as well.

The house is designed as an open plan building. A very plenty of natural light can be received by the opening. Lots of windows, horizontal wide and vertical narrow, are set into the wall. It can be seen that the most area is very light in this porche drawing.

It can be seen that the house is located on the rocky slope, facing to the ocean.

I did some research about how to draw rocky surface. The line weight and the dark & light area of the rock are two key points.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Project 1---Introduction of Eileen Gray and her building

Eileen Gray was a member of the Bauhaus movement. It can be seen that her building style is neat and do not have much decorations.

I have found a video about her buildings. The 1st one is Maison en Bond de Mer. A whole range of furniture including the now famous wood-frame upholstered chair and the armchair in rolls of white leather created for the occasion.

Three interesting furniture pieces were founded as follows,

Eileen Gray Side Table

The Bibendum Chair

Transat Armchair