Thursday, April 16, 2009

Project 2---Narrative and Design Priciples and Concepts

Narrative: Two cantilever spaces for a lonely mistress and her maid with an expectation of her husband back home from the sea.

Design principles inspired from the painting:
As the project outline described, this project is to design a container for a certain activity. Maybe it is for a group of people maybe for a single person. My design will follow Vermeer’s idea which is a sense of hidden intentions. Art and architecture are very similar. Vermeer’s Art of painting can be suggestive; also the architectural design will be meaningful. Some architectural elements won’t be directly indicated. Instead they will be indirectly represented to the audiences. On the other hand the building itself can speak, it not only speaks out its own function as a building, but also tells the story of the people activate in this building.

According to my narrative, the cantilever space will be located on a cliff of the sea, with ramps underground. The cantilever part will provide a nice view of the sea and also receive the privacy of the room. The underground space is closed and lack of brightness. The outside cantilever parts have the opening and provide plenty of light. This contrast will provide a sense of psychology impact. This is an attempt to create space where the mistress can expect her husband in a pure way, using underground and cantilever environment. She is cut off from the outside world; and her perceptions are made sensitive; she is able to concentrate solely on expecting her husband back home from the sea.

The underground ramps create a fancy effect. There are only two entries emerges on the ground and people can not see what exactly the end is. The mistress needs go though a dark long ramp and can reach to the outside cantilever room facing the sea which is much brighter. Moreover, the smooth concrete faces of cantilevers make a strong contrast with the rough rocky surface of cliff. The three turnings are designed for the mistress, which indicate the uncertainty and anxiety of their love. This is like a torture for mistress.

The openings are considered. Firstly, the large curtain glass wall is used for the front side to receive the splendid view from the seaside. Also I add five strings of opening each side to create an interesting effect of light. This pattern of light is just like the strings of the lute. The movement of the shadows can be imagined as the vibration of the strings played by the mistress. The harmony of the light is just like the harmony from the music, also reflects the harmony of their love. For the maid, I don't want to make the opening similar to the mistress so the opening is smaller than mistress's and is located on the lower part of the wall. A mirror is designed on the opposite wall so the seascape can be reflected and maid also can have a sea view. This effect is interesting and the wall is like a vivid painting which changes its picture during a day with the changes of the strength of sunlight.

Circulations: Two underground ramps, one spiral staircase
Enclosure: The underground circumstance
Program: Two separated cantilevers for mistress and maid
Geometry: Two different scale Trapeziums
Structure: Concrete load bearing wall for ramps and Cantilever concrete slabs

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