Monday, June 15, 2009

Project 3---Physical Model

Sense of Rhythm, Movement, Balance

bird view from king st
the gallery is located on an outstanding corner site

facade facing to king st.

main entry facing to the busiest corner

the rear side of gallery
playroom is on the 3rd floor of the rear corner

bedroom, living room, playroom are arranged in the top level to get maximum privacy and get enough natual light either

The front curtain wall reveals inside content so that people can know it is a gallery from outside

sectional perspective

interior view from rear showing the interior of main gallery and side corridor

The light is coming from top translucent material and galss curtain wall.
Playroom and living area need more natural light than photo gallery space.

the main staircase and living area
I like the illumination effect

3rd floor living area with coutyard
I like the illumination effect.

details of roof opening above living area
The outside coutyard area is designed for vistors who can have a drink and take a fresh breath.

people in 2rd floor towards the staircase

interior view of model

the main staircase and living area on 3rd floor

corner view

floor panels

site model

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